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    How to insert a HTML file in Flash

      When a new flash page is opened, i want to see a HTML file is inserted and shown in the flash page directly. I know it's not easy. The URL of the HTML is known.
      For example, i want to see the " http://www.adobe.com/" displaying in a small window in flash page.
      I'm new to Flash. So anyone can explain to me or give me any hints.I'll appreciate that.Thx.
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          armandix Level 1
          I give you a code but first you need create a dynamic text box to render the html inside soo create a dynamic text box and give a instance name, before put this simple code in the frame.
          function carregar()
          var texto = new XML();
          texto.onData = function (html_no_flash)
          texto_html.html = true;
          texto_html.htmlText = html_no_flash;
          } // End of the function
          stop ();
          System.useCodepage = true;
          note: attention in the dynamic box instance name i put (texto_html).
          good luck