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    Importing HTML/HTML Formatting

      I've asked a similar question in evidently the wrong spot here, but am still having issues getting this to work. I'm new to Flash and know absolutely nothing about ActionScript. The flash project I'm working with can be seen here http://awcphotographs.com
      What I'm trying to do, is make scrollable content within the white areas that include both text and images. If possible, differently aligned, formated and located text and the same with images. I want the entire area to scroll. Not just specific elements.
      All of the 'tips' I've gotten thus far have been rather complicated and confusing dealing with images being converted to movie symbols with classes and etc...and I still can't even get that to work. Is there a more simple way to do this??
      Also, is it possible to import a fully completed HTML page in to the white area and have the content scroll? Ex; I've got fully built pages in dreamweaver and I just want to put that data within the content area of the flash project. The page in question has text, images, a table and a CSS style sheet. Ultimately this would be the ideal situation so that I can build the elements as I want them in DW and just import them in to flash. Surely there must be some function within Flash that makes importing compatibility so much simpler??
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          there's no simple way to add text and images to a textfield. you're going to have to learn a lot more than a little about flash and actionscipt, hire someone to do this for you or fake it.

          you could fake it and create a movieclip, add your text and images on that movieclip's stage and then drag your movieclip to the main timeline and mask it to make it appear as if it's in a textfield. (embed your font if you use anything other than static text.) you can then control the movieclip's _y property to make it appear as if it's scrolling.

          flash has a very limited set of html tags a textfield can parse. so no, you generally can't import an html page into a textfield and have it display as you expect. and in your situation, it will not display as you expect.
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            AWCPhotographs Level 1
            As far as paying someone to do the website, I am the person being paid to do the website. If there is no easier way to do this, I will learn how to do it the more complicated way. I do, however, need someone to explain it to me in layman's terms.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              google some tutorials that are close to what you're trying to do. you may learn enough for a few tutorials to get this to work the way you want.