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    Not able to open DNG Converter 10_2 after install

    fredv84796988 Level 1

      I'm still working with Lightroom 6  (not CC)


      Camera Raw is not supporting RAF RAW files from my new Fujifilm camera and should use DNG converter to ceonvert the RAW files to DNG first.


      After installing DNG converter on my desktop (Windows 10) it all seems to look fine. When I double click on the icon or exe in /programfiles/adobe/DNG converter  not much seems to happen.


      I also installed the DNG converter on a laptop and there it opens the application nicely and I'm able to do the conversion succesfully.

      But that's not where my Lightroom resides.. ;(


      Deinstallation seems not to be possible...   I don't see an uninstaller nor DNG Converter seems to be registered in Windows as an installed program.


      Any idea what's goining on or how to get this working on my desktop?