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    Problem with sideshow 'next' button & links


      I am trying to create a slideshow that has a 'next' and 'previous' button, which lets you see the next or previous movieclip when you click one of the buttons, and each movieclip has a link to a website. Please see the example of what I have done so far - http://abwebsitedesign.co.uk/flashtest/

      The code I have used for the links is not working, when you click a movie clip it only takes you to the first url (which is the 'Greenfield' one in this case, but when you are on the 'Millstock' image it does not take you to the 'Millstock' Website, it still takes you to the 'Greenfield' one). Also, when get to the last image and click 'previous', the 'next' button should appear but it does not, it only shows when you click the 'previous' button 2 times. please let me know if anyone can help with this! Attached is what my code looks like.

      Many Thanks.