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    Smart object different sizes

    littlelili Level 1

      Is anyone familiar with the template available here?https://iosdesignkit.io/ios-gui/


      https://iosdesignkit.io/ios-gui/ it is for app icons.


      I am interested in how changing one smart object changes all the others simultaneously but they are all different sizes. I have a different application I'd like to use this kind of setup for and I can't figure out how this works.




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          Bojan Živković Adobe Community Professional

          When you use the Duplicate command (or Ctrl/Cmd + J) to duplicate Smart Object that will create a clone. You can create as many cloned SO layers as you want. Changing content in any cloned Smart Object will automatically update content on all other clones. However, scaling factor is not connected in any way, you can scale duplicated Smart Object layers (clones) to any dimensions what will not affect any other cloned SO.