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    how to play infinite sound


      how to play an (invisble) flashmovie containing a soundloop over several html-pages? (I use flash8 professional and I'm able to use script )

      thanks for any hints

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          Rafiq Elmansy, AEL, ACP Level 2
          I think you may need to add it to every page, but this will not afford the looping through the whole pages. wish I got a better soultion
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            2kesel Level 1
            thanks Rafiq Elmansy,

            i found a solution which works fine and wasn't such much work to do, i thought before...

            the first call goes to a frameset, where one frame is filled with the startpage and the other frame (just 1row and color to background #fff, so it's not visible - don't set the visibility to hidden, then you get no sound too!).

            into the second frame i put the .swf file (width and heigth =1 px), with the looped sound, which now playes in all pages and even in the pageloading times...
            if nesseccary you could also add buttons to controll the sound, but they are outside the main window (frame 1) of your site.

            rainer kesel