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    RSC 3 and Visual SourceSafe

      I have a kind of convoluted situation.

      We want to begin using RoboSource Control 3. Our first issue is that the files are currently in Visual Source Safe. The second problem is that once we get the files working successfully in RSC3 and complete the project, it is a requirement from our development team that the files be put BACK into Visual Source Safe to be included in the release procedure.

      After having read several of the posts, I'm very concerned about doing this. Does anyone have any suggestions, thoughts, or good information regarding this scenerio?

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          MergeThis Level 4
          If your development and release engineering folks are so totally enamored of VSS, then I wouldn't look for trouble with this VSS->RSC->VSS rigmarole. Also, be sure that you and they are in complete agreement whether source control will encompass RH source files only, output help files only, or a combination of each that suits your organization's needs.

          Good luck,
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            HockeyTime Level 1
            Thank Leon. You're right. All we need to give them are the generated files. We tested yesterday and so far there seems to be no problem bringing the files into RCS3 from SourceSafe. Thanks for your help.