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    Email a copy from Acrobat


      One of the most frustrating things I encounter nearly daily is I like to send emails from within Acrobat.  When I do this usually, I want to look through the document while I compose my email.  I cannot do this as Acrobat is attaching the file and it locks Acrobat from paging or even looking at a different file.  Outlook also is locked so I can't look at another email until I save or send the email.


      Is there some way that Acrobat can provide that will unlink the copy in the email from the file open in Acrobat?  This would be a huge time saver and would eliminate a frustration I have nearly every day.


      I called Adobe about a dozen years ago and was told that it likely woud be fixed in a new release but as far as I can tell that hasn't happened.