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    Flash Builder 4.7 sits forever on "exporting release build"

    dogofpavlov Level 1

      I've been making AIR apps with FB4.7 for literally 6 years now, made at least 20 different apps.


      I've just now come across a problem, where when I go to export for IOS. it sits on the "Export Release Build" window forever with the "Exporting release build: Packaging for Apple iOS. This may take several minutes"


      but unlike I've always known it to... it never actually completes. I've waited a whole 30 minutes, still nothing. Tried restarting FB4.7, nothing. Tried restarting the computer, nothing. I have no idea what to do.


      Is there anywhere I could see like what's going on? Any FB4.7 logs that happen behind the scenes when compiling for iOS? I've never had this problem before.