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    Placing objects causes pixelation in CS6



      I have a problem driving my insane. I have two computers running CS6. On my old PC, everything is fine however my new PC is causing issues when placing documents. When I place or paste files, they get pixelated.


      If I then save and open this document in the old computer. the document still looks distorted. I can place the exact same document (on old PC), and it looks fine. I can then save this on the old computer, and open it on the new one, and it looks fine, but again when I place the same document on the new computer, it pixelates. If that makes sense? It seems to be if the new PC is the origin of the placed document, is what is causing the issue.


      I thought it may be some setting on the new computer, however after running through all the settings, it appears to be set-up the same as the old computer.


      It is driving me insane, and I cannot find a solution. most of the solutions I have read involve calibrating the cache settings to 4, however this has already been done, and supplied no resolution. Other options I have looked at involve changing to bicubic, however both new and old computer are set to bicubic automatic.


      I have attached a picture below, with the top being the place from the new PC, and the below being the place from the old. If anyone can offer any solutions I would be very grateful. Thanks