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    Keywords missing during synch

    mileszhou88 Level 1

      Some of the photos have their keywords missing after synched to the cloud. Changed some of the attributes from LR Classic and forced a re-syunc didn't help. Any work around?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi mileszhou,


          Since you are noticing this change on the other device while accessing images from the cloud, which other device are you using (Laptop/mobile)? Also, which version of Lightroom you are using on the other device(Lightroom CC desktop/Lightroom mobile)?




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            Jim Wilde Adobe Community Professional

            LR Classic does not sync keywords to/from the cloud.


            However, if you have images in Classic which had keyword (and/or Location data) saved to XMP, before you enabled those images to sync, there is a one-time and one-way transfer of that data from the XMP file (or embedded) of those images to the cloud. In those circumstances you will see that data appear in the LRCC synced devices.


            But it still doesn't sync, so any changes to that data in Classic will not then appear in the cloud, and any changes made in any of the LRCC apps will only appear in the other LRCC apps, not in Classic.

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              mileszhou88 Level 1

              I used a couple of types of “other” device. Finally, I found that the keywords were missing on the cloud by accessing the cloud directly from a browser. The browsers I used were


              1) Safari 11.0.3 and

              2) Google Chrome 64.0.3282.186


              from Mac (OS version: macOS High Sierra10.13.3)


              The problem was partially fixed by carefully re-creating the collections one by one. However, once I deleted a keyword from the browser, I’ll have no way to recover it (except for re-enter from the web, or delete the collection and re-create it). In other words, the keywords are very delicate.


              I chatted with the support representative twice: the first time, I was told that this was supposed behavior; LR Classic CC doesn’t sync keywords to LR CC. I didn’t believe, and tried to re-create the collections, but got a big part of the keywords lost. Then, I tried carefully re-craete the collections carefully, and the said results as above.

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