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    Acrobat Pro DC displays incorrectly but prints and exports fine

    NIRC Level 1

      Covers of a book series I created under Acrobat X with InDesign CC have worked fine for our printers and all other uses. However... after shifting to Acrobat Pro DC, the blacks show up as white. When I do a printout, it is fine. When I drag the PDF into Photoshop or export is to some other format, it works fine. Only in Acrobat DC is the display messed up so I cannot see what I am getting.

        I tried regenerating the files with InDesign CC 2018, but that was just a Hail Mary. Nothing changed.

        Everything seems to point to a display bug, or some display setting I messed up in Acrobat.

        I tried Acrobat Support and had a "chat session" for nearly an hour, unable to convince the tech supporter I was assigned that something was wrong, until he tried everything for himself and came up with some techno-babble that was his way of saying he didn't have a clue.

        Anyway, I would be happy to pass one of the offending PDF files along is anyone wants to have a look.