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    color management : about icc colour profiles - in Creative Pipeline: The ACP Blog

    NB, colourmanagement Adobe Community Professional


      Having issues with understanding color management and ICC profiles?

      I have put up a blog post which I hope will make it all a little simpler.


      why are accurate ICC profiles needed

      RGB working spaces

      input profiles, for cameras and scanners

      the monitor display system profile

      output profiles, printing


      profiling the printing press

      how profiles work - some in depth explanation

      making a printer profile, more detail

      free profiles

      does everyone need good ICC profiles

      here color management : about icc colour profiles



      I hope this helps some of you, as an ex-photographer myselfI know how hard to can be to r find trustworthy information

      - it was seeking all this out that led me to move from photography to color management

      if it helps you at all, please do mark this as "helpful"


      neil barstow, colourmanagement