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    Moving files for existing synced photos


      I use Lightroom Classic CC on macOS and Lightroom in iOS.  I recently discovered that the synced photos on my Mac do not go into my usual file locations when importing but instead ~/Pictures/Lightroom/Mobile Downloads/.  I've changed this location in preferences so future files are synced along with import photos (so are on my NAS, get backed up, etc) but I've still got lots of photos in the old location.


      Any ideas how to move these?  I almost tried literally just moving them to the right place and hoping that LR will spot them as "missing" so I can fix the path, but there's quite a lot to manually sort into dated folders and I'm all too aware that syncing code can be fragile and anything could go wrong...


      Has anyone managed to move the location of existing synced photos?

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          I had this happen a while ago, before I changed the location in the LR Preferences, and the only way I got the older downloads to be in the other folder was to move them to the new location. What I don't remember was if after they were moved whether they got synced again or I had to actually delete them and allow them to be Re-downloaded again.