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    An error occurred while sending mail (first try)... works on second try

    craigr11992060 Level 1

      My organization uses an internal Exchange server, Office 2013, and Acrobat Pro 2017.  Outlook is our default mail client.  Very frequently when clicking the envelope to send a PDF document via email we get the message "An error occurred while sending mail."  We can typically click OK and immediately try it again and it works jsut fine.


      My suspicion is that Outlook is taking a bit too long to respond and Acrobat gives up.  Upon trying again Outlook is able to respond more quickly (since it's more "ready" this time because we just tried a moment ago) and it works properly.


      So, I believe this may well be an Outlook problem but I need an Acrobat solution.  Is there "timeout" setting I can adjust that determines how long Acrobat waits before throwing the "An error occurred while sending mail" error message?  I want to lengthen it a bit.


      Thank you