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    How To???

    jon gibbons Level 1
      i have a date field which exports the selected date to text box.(variable1)

      i have a combo box which exports the selected to a text box (variable2) //to select which array

      now i have an array made up of Var1, Var2 = Value (var3)

      How do i match Var1 with Var2 to get Var 3 from the array...

      I am on the right track using the array or do i use the dataset component?

      any help appreciated. yours Jon

      //Date = Var 1
      Honeymoon = Var2
      Price = Var 3

      var honeymoon:Array = new Array();
      honeymoon.push({name:"Mon Jun 30 00:00:00 GMT+0700 2008", price:"7,500"});

      additionally how do i change the date field not to show the time?