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      Maybe this subhect is being discussed somewhere alse on a forum, if so please let me know.


      My question is: Does LR CC and/or LR CC Classic upload the RAW files when they synchronize? When looking at the metadata in the browser LR displays the RAW file size and when you try to download this file you only can receive a JPG-file.


      Thnx in advance for your answers.


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      Frans van Velzen

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you synchronize from Lightroom Classic CC you are synchronizing smart previews. When you add new photos to Lightroom CC directly, you are adding the full-sized raw images. If you share those images with others, with the option to download, I believe they will only be able to download JPEG images. From the Lightroom CC desktop, if you choose the Save option, there is an option to save in the original file format.