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    Updating from LR 6.13 to 6.14




      I am not able to update my LR 6.13 to LR 6.14.

      The cloud app does not offer the option for updating; it seems that it thinks the program is up to date.

      I have also tried to apply the 6.14 patch that I got from the adobe site directly, which did not work.

      It gave me the error message: 'Update Failed. This patch is not applicable for you. Please check for updated from Help Menu in your product to see list of latest updates available. If the problem persist, contact Customer support for further assistance'.


      I believe this is related to the reported issue here.


      Is there any other solution to that besides deleting everything related to Adobe and reinstalling from scratch?


      Also, I tried to reinstall the cloud app, but it will not de-install, as it says that I have programs that depend on it.

      However; I do not have LR CC or LR Classic, only LR6.13.

      Is there any way I can force the de-installation of the cloud app to try a new install of it?