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    user must delete www to edit pages

      Hi all,

      I have a client that has been having an interesting problem.

      We created a key for her using Contribute 3 and when she tries to get use it at her office, she is allowed to the site and all is well, until she tries to hit the Create Connection Button at the top of the screen. When she does this, nothing happens. However, if she removes the www. from the URL in the window she is in, the button allows her to do whatever she wants. Anyone have an idea why this may be happening?
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          Check and see that in the Contribute administration settings that the "Alternate Web Address" box has all the permutations of the website available. This could be the problem.

          Also, if you make a key for her, she shouldn't have to use "create connection". Just have her go to "File -> My Connections" and choose "Import", then import her key.
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            wmont85 Level 1
            bleh...I checked their role information and the folders they can edit do have www in the front of them...so I don't know what the problem is. They can still connect and change things as they please, they just need to delete the www at the beginning of the url. An odd problem, but more of an inconvenience for them.

            Thanks for the reply though :D