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      I am having an issue running a batch command to do some watermarking in CS6, running on a Windows 10 OS.


      About a week or so ago I had a weird thing happen - I opened the program to find the screen defaulted back to that dark gray, rather than the medium gray I prefer.

      What's more - all the tools had somehow gotten set back to their defaults, and I had to spend a bunch of time getting things reset as I like and am used to them.


      Oddly, didn't effect the "windows" panels, as those were just as I left them.


      Whether I somehow accidentally did a - reset all tools - things I couldn't say. I don't feel like I could've - but who knows.


      Anyway, so I just ran a l large batch of files ( almost 300 ) through a resizing operation. Already small, made them smaller - and that went fine.


      But now, trying to run the same group of 200 through a watermarking process ( which I have done many times in the past ), it will only get through 15 or 20 and then stop.


      I have reset the scratch disc to a dedicated drive - so it doesn't have that as an issue, but I wonder if something else needs to be reset somewhere as I can't think of what else it could be. As I say, have done this in the past with large batches of these smallish jpeg files.


      Any help - guesses appreciated,



          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          It sound like you CS6 Preferences were reset and you were set back all Adobe Default settings.  Is batch terminating with a error or hanging your Photoshop.  Action can fail if there are problems processing a document. Batch default is to stop on errors.  You can change it to log errors and keep processing the batch...