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    Integrating GitHub w/ Launch

    mikem2436009 Level 3

      I am speaking on behalf of my development team who would very much like the ability to push code from GitHub repo into launch.  A big concern for the team is around versioning control and when pixels stop working or code is broken, we don't have the ability to easily search DTM/Launch for code snippets.


      WIth the feature announced around Open API's, it seems as though this might be an option.  In addition to adding the code to GitHub, are there any plans to make a search feature within Launch where I could search for a snippet a code and return a list of rules/libraries where said code exists in Launch?  Far too many times, rules are named something too generic for users to quickly identify what javascript is firing.  Yes in a perfect world, developers would think and act like marketers, but when your org is large and you have a lot of teams accessing the tool, it can quickly and easily become messy.