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    Flash Player 9 compatibility issue

      Hi - I was hoping someone out there can offer a suggestion for a problem we are finding with Flash Player 9. I have, incidentally, contacted Adobe but they offer no support for FP9.

      We have created an online word game, called Linkudo, that is played in Flash Player via an internet browser. Linkudo can be found at: www.linkudo.com.

      The game functions by players clicking a button on Flash Player which sends a command to a remote server's database for a new selection of words. The remote server's database then returns a new selection of words to the Flash Player which displays the words and the game continues.

      There is a problem for some players using Macs and PCs.

      Players upgrading to OSX10.4.11 and OSX10.5 can see the Flash device using Firefox and Safari, but
      the Flash device does not display new word selections. Players using pre-OSX10.4.11 do not have
      this problem.

      Linkudo can be played using IE7, but not using Firefox.

      I assume that there might be a security issue which is preventing the data from the remote server displaying in Flash Player? I would like to know what can be done to allow total compatibility.

      All comments welcome! Thanks, Tony.