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    Something for the weekend - Part 10 - 7 a day!

    davescm Adobe Community Professional


      It's Friday again which means it's time for a new weekend challenge! It's hard to believe we've had ten of these now.


      I was reading the other day about the 7 a day fruit and vegetable advice for healthy eating and though I wonder what the Photoshop folk would make from a group of fruit and vegetables. So here they are - 7 fruit and vegetables. I cheated on the healthy bit and stuck a potato in there, and a mushroom is also probably bending the "rules". Of course for those in the UK, where the campaign was 5 a day, then you only need to use five of them .


      As usual, anything goes as long as it meets the forum rules on decency, copyright etc.

      Anyone is welcome to have a go - whether you are a complete beginner or a Photoshop expert.

      There are no prizes - just the chance to practice, show off, or bring a bit of humour and fun.


      When posting back your edited images please use jpeg and downsize to 1200px on the long side. 

      To download the image below without the forum scaling artefacts, right click and then use Save Image As / Save Picture As (or similar depending on your browser).







      Have fun



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