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    Colour print problem


      For some time I have been printing from lightroom CC to my Canon ip8750 photo printer without problem. For reasons I do not understand perhaps connected to an update, when I now try to print from the print module the preview image is pixalated and magenta and prints the same. I am aware of the multiple profile issue but this occurs whether I set the profile in Lightroom or if I let the printer manage the profile. I have reset lightroom to defaults to no avail. The colour shift problem also occurs in Elements which I am guessing uses the same print module. When I export a photograph from lightroom and print using the canon printer utility it is perfect !. Also paint previews and prints perfectly. I calibrate my screen using colour munki usually have the printer correction off and the profile (GL2) in Lightroom. I have explored every option I can think of but not found the problem, any advice appreciated ?