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    Publish via SFTP


      My IT department is saying we should no longer use FTP to publish our RoboHelp project to a server on the network.  Instead, they are asking us to use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).


      Can RoboHelp 2017 do that?  If so, how should the publishing settings be adjusted please?


      I'm in a Windows 10 environment and publish to a remote server using Webhelp.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional

          RoboHelp 2017 does not support SFTP.


          Two options that I know of but there will certainly be more.


          FileZilla is free but the problem is you really only want to publish what has changed and I don't believe FileZilla can do that.


          I use SyncBack which is essentially a backup tool. It looks at what is in the source (the folder you have generated to) and looks at the target (where you last published) and identifies the differences. Then you let it update the target. RoboHelp's own publish does not delete unused files, SyncBack can. Depends on how you figure it.


          The key thing is a tool that can be set up to only upload what has changed.


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