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    Project Portability Between Computers

    bobokirk Level 1

      My wife and I often build .  We usually build our Character Animation characters in Photoshop, and, of course, do the rigging in Character Animator on a desktop workstation - but when travelling on a laptop.  We then load everything up to a folder on a network cloud server, and when we've gotten to a destination, opened the Character in Animator to make sure everything is working, we've found that Ch shows missing files - like all the character artwork.
      We check to be certain the Photoshop file and all other assets are in a folder together.

      It appears I'm missing something very important. 
      Any thought?  Many thanks for any help!

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          bobokirk Level 1

          OK ... I just found a possible solution in "File .... Copy Media Files Into Project Folder"   ....
          Is this the way out of my issue?
          Also, I use Dynamic Linking with After Effects to do my video scenes.  Will After Effects pull everything in when I do the import of the Character file?

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            alank99101739 Level 4

            If I recall correctly, I think someone from Adobe said once before something about files within the project directory being stored with relative paths and files outside using absolute paths - so it could help (worth trying). But I could not find it just now.


            (Another thread I read once indicated some people thought it was normal with After Effects to have to relink asset files when sharing projects...)