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    Export Frame Issue - Low Quality Image

    spanningo82705720 Level 1

      Hello Adobe Community!


      Whenever I use the Export Frame option, the exported frame is of very low quality.  It seems like it only exports part of the frame.  I often want to use the exported frame as the video's thumbnail, but the poor quality stops me from doing so.  On the other hand, if I take a full-screen screen capture of the Program Monitor in Premiere, the quality looks great.  See below examples:


      Exported Frame using the "Export Frame" button within Premiere Pro:


      Sequence 01.00_01_43_03.Still010.jpg


      Screen capture of the Program Monitor:



      Looking at the smaller font-sized text, you can tell that something is wrong with the Export Frame option (looks pixelated), whereas when I simply take a screenshot of my monitor using the built-in Apple Screenshot tool, it looks fine.


      Could anyone provide any insight here?  Thanks in advance.


      My Specs:

      Mac OSX Yosemite

      Macbook Pro, 2015

      Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018

      Version 12.0.1 (Build 69)