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    How can I get Adobe .pdx file to work online?

    markolympic Level 1

      Have thoroughly googled this topic without any luck finding a workable solution. On my laptop I created a folder containing a collection of 280 PDF documents. Within that folder are two additional files created when I ran a "Full Text Index With Catalog" using Adobe Acrobat XI Pro: .LOG and .PDX files. Also within the folder is a sub-folder containing index.idx and index1.idx. The index1.idx contains all the results of the search index. The index works great when operating locally on my laptop.


      My aim is to make this PDF collection available to the public. I uploaded the entire folder to my website and created a webpage with a link to the .PDX file expecting the search index to work on the website the way it works on my laptop. No such luck! Using both Firefox and Chrome yields pretty much the same results: the PDX file tries to open files on my computer rather than the set of files stored on the website. Here's what happens depending on whether the PDX is opened with Acrobat or Reader:


      1.  "You have chosen to open this PDX file. Open with ..." I selected Adobe Acrobat. This results in an error message: "Search could not load the index (C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Temp\library.pdx. You may need to rebuild this index."


      2.  If I try to open the .PDX by navigating to the Adobe Reader software on my computer (AcrRd32.exe), I get the following: "The operation you are trying to perform potentially requires read access to your drives. Do you want to allow this operation?


      How can I get this to work from the website? Alternatively, are there other options out there to achieve the same result?