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    PS work space has different appearance on my new PC, why?


      I am a new PS user.  I started using PS 2018 CC on my previous Windows 7 computer.  I recently got a new Windows 10 and just started using PS on it.  But the layout of the work space isn't the same, with the layout on the right side of the screen being different.  I don't know the proper terms so I'll try to explain it as best I can.  The first image is how the work space was laid out on my Windows 7 PC (the Layers section was below the Learn section) and I prefer this layout.  The second image shows how the work space is arranged on my Windows 10 PC, and the last image is a close up of its work space settings.  I don't want the sections, like layers and color, to show up as a bump-out panel.  I would like the setup to be the same as I started out with.  What do I do to achieve those original settings?  And what is the proper term for the pop-out/bump-out areas?


      Thank you in advance for your help! 




      Prior PS on older PC.pngCurrent PS on new PC.pngCurrent Workspace.png