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    iOS app Sound don't come back after home_btn iPad.

    emmau10371638 Level 1


      I hope somebody can help me.

      I have a problem with my  IOS app.

      My app works great except when the user press on the home_btn iPad

      and Siri comes to the foreground,it maybe will happen because the app is for children,

      then the music stops but did't come back. So my app crashes a little big later.

      the code in my app is:

      stage.addEventListener(Event.ACTIVATE, function(event:Event):void



      SoundMixer.soundTransform=new SoundTransform(1);


      stage.addEventListener(Event.DEACTIVATE, function(event:Event):void



      SoundMixer.soundTransform=new SoundTransform(0);



      I also tried the code:

      NativeApplication.nativeApplication.executeInBackground = false;

      Can somebody help me?