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    Lightroom hangs after a couple of minutes


      Reposting this to a new thread:


      have an issue with Lightroom hanging everytime I use it.  I'm running LR 6.0,  Windows 10 Home, Intel i7 3.2Ghz 4 core 8 logical processors, 24 GB RAM.


      It seems when it hangs that it's chewing up about 40-50% of total CPU across all CPUs.


      I have about 150K photos and am working on tagging.



      Turning off GPU support didn't do anything.  Also tried optimizing the db, no effect.


      Tried downloading the 6.14 patch after getting the link to find it (no way to find it from the Update button on the app - first app I've ever seen where you can't to updates from the update button.)


      Now my problem is that it won't let me install it.  I get an error when I try to run the 6.14 patch installer

      I've rerun the installer and it seems to run fine (see below) but keep getting the same error:


      I haven't unistalled anything,  and can still start Lightroom 6.0, it's just still hangs once it loads up and usually after a I select a photo or two.