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    Launching AIR app via Flash animation


      I've created Flash swf file, that should lunch my air app with some extra parameters. When I open .swf file in Flash Player app it works ok, but when I open the same .swf file via browser (tested on both Windows/OS X, IE, Firefox, Safari) nothing seems to happen.

      Flash animation can detect installed app version both in Flash Player and in a browser, but only the Flash Player can actually launch the AIR application.
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          I've been doing this too over the last few days, and here's a couple things I ran into

          * Ensure your xxxx-app.xml has <allowBrowserInvocation>true</allowBrowserInvocation>. Also note that the default value in there is commented out (I set it and it didn't do anything because it was still commented out!).
          * You can't launch the application outside a user action (like clicking a button). If you call getApplicationVersion in the button, then launch the app in the callback, that won't work because the callback isn't a user operation.
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            TheDude7563 Level 1
            billbrasky66 thanks for tips, but I have browser invocation set to true, and i'm launching my app via click.

            Like I said, when I use Flash Player, the app launches just fine.
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              el pescado

              Was this question ever answered? Is it possible to open an AIR app from the browser without it already being installed?

              For example.....if I have a Flash website, can I click a button and have an animation come outside the browser window? I thought I saw a tutorial of this somewhere.

              Any help would be great.