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    Community Pulse

    Sami@Adobe Adobe Employee
      Check out Community Pulse, a new feature in beta, and another way for the Kuler community to explore color. Community Pulse shows colors of downloaded Kuler themes on a color wheel. Users can explore the relative popularity of colors by different countries, time periods, and tags.
      * Sign in with your Adobe ID to try different menu options and do comparisons
      * Hover over the histogram bars to see colors by hue on the color wheel
      * Change the level of color detail using the granularity slider
      * To compare two different views, select the comparison icon (two circles)
      Explore and let us know what you think. If you have questions, see Kuler Help.
        • 1. Community Pulse

          I am using ADOBE kulers's new online color service to research how people around the world express color. The results will be published in June as a part of my degree work at Umeå Institute of Design (www.dh.umu.se). The community pulse would be the perfect way to publish and evaluate the data I gather.

          This is how you participate in the study today:

          1) Go to the ADOBE kuler website (demands flash): http://kuler.adobe.com/#create/fromacolor

          2) Create a color theme with 5 colors that you think represent:

          Solar Energy Technology (electricity and thermal heat from the sun). You can do this by either playing with the different color controls or by generating colors from an uploaded image.

          3) Save a screenshot of your colors palette.

          a) In Windows: Push the “print screen” button on your key board. Open an image program (like Microsoft Paint ). Paste your screenshot into the program by pressing the "Ctrl" and "V" keys. Save the image to your hard drive.

          b) On a Mac: By pressing the "Cmd", "Shift" and "3" keys you will hear a camera shutter click, and then an image of your current screen will be saved to your desktop.

          4) Finally, email your saved screenshot, including the country and city you live in. This information will only be used for geographical mapping purposes. No personal data will be included in the research.

          Please email your result to:


          Thank you very much!

          ...so needless to say, if I could upload the themes with the tag "Solar Energy Technology" and the countries I have replies from that would be on top of my wish list! I was planning to do it all manualy.. (I'm just a stupid designer).

          Martin Willers

          Industrial Design Student
          Umeå Institute of Design

          more information on facebook:

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            First Blood Part II Level 1
            Really nice!
            Pulse is a really cool feature, even it`s still
            in Beta.

            Yours Rocky
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              Community Pulse is amazing.  The potential of this technology is incredible.  Even the BETA is great.  Are you going to add text fields for tag entry?  For example,  if I wanted to see colors tagged "retro"  in the US and Germany, will there be a box I can type "retro" into?


              Again, really cool.


              -Paul Pederson