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    Orientation issues in mobile

    JustiBru Level 3

      I’m testing a site using an iPhone X.

      The site renders without issue in portrait and when turned to landscape, not problem. However, I noticed that when going back to portrait, the alignment of objects starts to shift to the right.


      in some cases, if I keep going back and forth between portrait and landscape views, the onieces enlarge as if being zoomed in on.


      I have been enable to replicate this with two recent sites I created. Both were created using the latest version of Muse.


      I sent the files to Sumit and he suggested removing a third party widget which we did not the issue persisted.


      I also noticed that that if I pinch to zoom in portrait mode and then move to landscape, when I return to portrait, the view is distorted and misaligned. It’s like it can’t shake the zoomed in mode. When I close the browser and revisit the site, the issue persists. I have to clear my cache in order to get the view back to normal.


      Again, support has my Muse file but they have gone silent. They created a URL as a test which I can replicate the issue on:




      Any insights or ideas would be helpful. I know it is unlikely that people will go back and forth between views but I’m a stickler for design and making sure things work as intended. Getting frustrated! Thanks!

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          Additional testing: if you pinch to zoom in portrait mode, then move to landscape and then back to portrait, the objects shift/move to the right in portrait.


          The orientation of objects starts to degrade in both views after that. If you continue to go back and forth between views, the zoom effect continues as well. It continuously zooms in on the page content.


          The only way to correct the issue is to clear device cache and reload site because simply pinching the page back to the original view doesn’t work.

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              After providing a video example of this issue, it has been determined by Adobe that this is indeed a bug.


              If you pinch and zoom your site on a iPhone X and then change the orientation to landscape, the view starts to continuously zoom in on the content as you move back and forth between portrait and landscape views.


              The only way to stop the continuous zoom is by clearing the cache for Safari.


              Again, this is only specific to iPhone X and has been replicated by Adobe.


              The following browsers were tested with issue replication:

              • Safari
              • Chrome
              • Firefox


              Adobe has indicated that this could be fixed in a future build. No guarantees.

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