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    Importing LR Mobile photos in LR CC catalogue

    wayneh92496952 Level 1

      I am trying to figure out how to take photos with my LRM App and have them go directly into my LR CC desktop catalogue in the same Folder structure rather than appearing as its own Folder? Otherwise I end up with my LR CC catalogue with years of data and beneath that separate Folders appearing the the date of the images taken with LRM.


      Also is there a way of selecting the date format from being "Month, Day, Location of images" to "Year-Month-Day" in the images coming from LRM to the LR CC desktop Folder section?

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          JohanEl54 Adobe Community Professional

          Well, of course I don't know what your current folder hierarchy looks like, but you can select the destination folder of your LRM images in the Lightroom Classic preferences - Lightroom Sync tab. You can also specify that Lightroom should place them in dated subfolders.

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            Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

            You can't exactly place LR M images in the folder structure you use right now but you can get close depending on what your folder structure is.

            I save images by Year as the Top Level folder, like Pictures 2018, then in subfolders by the date the images were shot in this format, MMDD.

            For LR mobile you can select the folder you store the downloaded mobile images in and you can also select a date format for Subfolders of the dates they were shot.


            LR Sync Location and Date.PNG

            So as it shows in the screen shot above I have my mobile images downloaded to my D drive in a folder name Lightroom Mobile Images then I have a date format for subfolders to be created for the dates the images were shot.


            The problems is changing those setting have nothing to do with images that are already in the catalog. But you can set up folders under your folder structure system and Drag and Drop those already download images from where they are now to the new folders you created.