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    Error during execution Js created by animate


      Hi all,

      this is Augusto from Italy.


      I am updating a website, deleting all flash animations. Every .swf file is replaced by HTML and Js, while the simpler ones are replaced by myself.


      Since I am now about to migrate to a complex animation, I decided to be supported by Animate.


      However, when publishing in web, some mistakes occur, that can be viewed in attachments (both via firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge).


      After re-loading the page, everything looks fine, although the page is already loaded in cache.


      I can’t explain this because I did not act anyway in the output generated by Animate. Is it possible that Animate makes mistakes?


      Everything can be viewed at:



      Is anyone in a position to help me out?


      Thanks, regardsananimate_Cr_pre.jpgananimate_Fx_pre.jpgananimate_Me_pre.jpg