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    Cannot sync Lightroom 2015.9 with Mobile


      I had puchased a standalone copy of LRM 2015.9 online from an individual: License Number: XXXXXXXXXX (Serial Number removed by IanLyons). Just started using in recently.

      I also have a 30 day trial of Mobile. I cannot get the LRM photos from my iPhone to sync with my MacBook Pro (late 2015). I have made a 'collection' with those 8 photos on the desktop - but THERE IS NO CHECKBOX FOR SYNC WITH LIGHTROOM MOBILE!  I

      On the desktop version under 'Get started with Lighroom mobile' the drip down menu item: 'sync with lightroom mobile - start'   is grayed out.  However, I do see these 8 iPhone photos on my www.adobe.lightroom.comaccount page. Perhaps I need to pay for a subscription for CC?


      What to do?





      IanLyons comment: Charles, please don't include your serial number in post to forum as it is visible to everyone.