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    Puzzling jpg image duplication. Why does it sometimes happen?

    stan4878 Level 1

      I recently returned from a 2 week vacation and imported my pictures into Lightroom 6.14.  Four cameras were used, a Canon 60D, a Nikon P520, an iphone 6s and an iphone 7. 


      Some, but not all images from the iphone 6s were duplicated upon import. No images from the other cameras were duplicated.


      I could see the duplicated images and their file names in the import screen before actually being imported into LR.  Importing the same set of files into the Apple Photos app had no duplications.


      The duplicates have the same file name with the addition of  a “E” directly before the image number. ( IMG_0123 and IMG_E0123). There are slight differences in each pair of images with the E image usually having greater contrast and clarity, also being slightly darker. 


      This is not a major problem but I do have about 20% more images  due to the duplicated iphone 6s files.  I delete the original or the E image.


      Has anyone had a similar experience?  Is there an explanation for the image duplication? Is it the iphone 6s or LR which is duplicating the images.