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    Problem submitting cfform

      I have a cfform with a cftree in it:
      cfform name="myform" format="HTML">
      <cftree name = "LocationChooser"format="applet"
      required = "no"
      completePath = "no"
      appendKey = "no"
      highlightHref = "no"
      lookAndFeel = "windows"
      font = "Verdana"
      fontSize = "10"
      italic = "no"
      bold = "no"
      height = "320"
      width = "200"
      vSpace = "10"
      hSpace = "10"
      align = "absmiddle"
      border = "yes"
      hScroll = "no"
      vScroll = "yes"
      notSupported = "Browser must support Java">
      ...some treeview code

      I have two other normal html forms, here is one of them:
      <form name="frmEngineerReport" method="post" action="rptWJBM_proc.cfm">

      When I click the button to submit this form, I want to also submit the cfform. I need to do this to get the full path of currently selected node on the treeview. I can't put the tree in the form, because like i said there are two forms, and the treeview needed to get submited if either of them get submitted. So I would have to have two treeviews to have one on each form, which is unacceptable. Thanks in advance for any help.
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          Level 7
          can't you have ONE cfform, with cftree AND other form controls?
          why do you have to have 2 forms?

          which cf version are you on?

          Azadi Saryev
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            haaazy Level 1
            I'm using cf 7.

            The page I am working with has two forms, because the action page handles the request in this way. User has to choose which form as each form corresponds to a different set of "reports". The third form (a cfform) has the treeview that I need to get the node path for on my action page. I have tried numerous methods (copying variable to form with javascript, submitting two forms at once, etc) but have been unable to succeeed. Any feedback is appreciated.