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    Move out from center

    andrewdraws Level 1

      Hi There,  Someone last week helped me with this expression to get hundred little objects (molecules) to burst apart:


      var slider =  thisComp.layer("Slider Control").effect("Slider")("Slider"); // pick-whip slider here 

      var endPosition = wiggle(0,5000); // or use any other method to calculate the desired final location 

      linear(slider, 0,100,value, endPosition)



      The problem is that it's random, so they don't all leave the screen. I could increase the value (over 5000) but then they're traveling to far and too fast).


      How can I use this expression to tell the "end position" to be, for example, "1000 pixels from the middle of the comp"  ?    So they all fly out from the center.