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    Edge Animate sync video with timeline to display menu buttons at certain point



      I m new to Edge Animate, as some artist my coding skills are not the best so hopefully I can get some help here.

      I have an mp4 video. not embedded video. At some point of this video I want to show some links   (I added these links as transparent rectangles that will allow me to show the text I created originally with video ).  So far I learn the video won't sync with the timeline unless some code is added.


      I tried  this: To close to what I am trying to accomplish

      How to make video interactive in Adobe Edge Animate - YouTube  (but I don't know how I could  use rectangles I created with hyperlinks instead of a simple text)

      On this sample I am guessing if we change :


      sym.$("Text").html("<a href='http://www.youtube.com'>Hi Raj !</a>");






      and replace somehow the text with the rectangles or tell somehow to trigger a label pointed at that time will this make the trick? ..maybe?


      This guy How to make HTML5 animations sync to an embedded video - YouTube  has sync it an embedded video. I tried to replace the code and adjust the embedded link with the video I have  but unfortunately It wasn't as easy as thatmI was not able to figured out this one.


      (character and text is video, invisible rectangles in Edge Animate ) This is a visual sample of what I am trying to do.


      Thanks in advance for any help!