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    Integrating Flex with Microsoft Excel

      I'm trying to incorporate some Flex/Flash stuff into Microsoft Excel. I used Aximp.exe to generate a Windows Forms control that wrappers the Flash ActiveX control (FlDbg9f.ocx), and then just followed the procedure recommended by Adobe in "Programming ActionScript 3.0 - Using the external API with an ActiveX container".

      This all works beautifully in a standalone desktop application in C#. However, in Excel the Flex code can call C# methods, but the reverse doesn't work. When I try to invoke a Flex method from C#, I get a COMException - "Error HRESULT E_FAIL has been returned from a call to a COM component.", ErrorCode=-2147467259. This is a generic "something went wrong" message that doesn't really tell you anything.

      Has anybody else run into this?