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    Shockwave plug-in incompatibility

      My Director 11 shockwave files will not run on a Mac with OS X "Tiger" 10.4.11. With the older plug-in (10) I get an alert that the browser cannot open the "new" format, and it asks if I want to install the newer version. Yet when I install the most recent plug-in (11), I get this alert: "The page [xxx] attempted to load an internet plug-in named "Shockwave for Director", but the plug-in failed to load successfully."

      What gives? Adobe's right-hand (Shockwave plug-in 11) does not know what its left-hand (Director 11) is doing? Am I to assume that any and all Director 11 shockwave files will henceforth only run on Macs with Leopard, and not with Tiger? This is unacceptable!
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          RobWellington Level 1
          It doesn't work with Leopard either - so much for convincing my partners to go with Director
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            MarkBook Level 1
            That's odd, Rob. I can get the shockwave file to run okay with Leopard, both on an Intel and a Power PC machine. But neither plug-in will work with Tiger.

            I echo your frustration. I was happy with MX and MX 2004, but then discovered that the latter wouldn't open or properly run its shockwave files on Leopard, so I paid hundreds of dollars to upgrade to Director 11 --only to discover numerous bugs and incompatibilities. (See my previous post about disappearing text in fields!)

            It is more than obvious to me that Adobe has not done its homework upon taking over Macromedia. They need to issue a serious update to fix all these problems! It has been months now!
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              I have been getting the impression that Adobe is now the new McDonald's of software, they carry way to many programs now and their overall quality is tanking. I have been a huge fan of director for many years and when Macromedia sold to Adobe i was initially very excited and enthused that they would be taking it over, now i,m thinking they may have been the worst possible buyer(4 years till nest release lol) and may actually now be destroying the product.. :(

              i bought D11 and will buy D12 mebe if they get their act together.