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    Ghost file blocking sync with mobile devices in LR

    marc-104 Level 1

      i am runming Mac OS high sierra, iphone And iPad

      LR classic cc latest version 7.2


      synch has stopped working

      and I have a file in synch error

      a video named  iPhone - img_3762.mov blocked in upload


      i have tried to find this file on desktop, on iPhone photos, on iPhone LR cc but no trace of it


      i have deleted the full iPhone collection (the one used for automatic import)

      i have also deleted the sync.lrdata no result


      disconnect and reconnect adobe is on all devices no results


      I have also optimize my LR catalogue


      i have around 400 collections in several colletions folders and 40000 photos synced


      any idea on how  to force LR forget about this ghost file ?

      Capture d'écran 2018-03-11 08.17.01.png