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    Puppet's body is not moving but facial features work.


      Hello all,


      So about 3 months ago I was working in character animator with my puppet and everything was working as it should. I was in the middle of recording a scene when the body stopped moving completely but the facial features still worked. It's been so long since the initial issue that I don't remember exactly what troubleshooting I did. But once I could not figure it out on my own I contacted Adobe on about 6 different occasions. They accessed my computer through remote control and on 3 of those conversations I was asked to send in the file of the character for further inspection but now 3 months later, I have yet to get an answer.


      The other puppets within the program work fine and my character was created based off of the puppet files that are supplied to us in the program. I created the puppet in Illustrator and followed the instructions to the T. I'm not sure what has delayed the resolution to this issue so much but I'm just ready to have it resolved