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    RGB Saved photos in Photoshop Raw opening as Grayscale - HELP please


      Hi Guys,


      I've recently been on a photo shoot, with all my images shot I RAW. I've opened and edited the photos in Photoshop Raw and saved as JPG in their native RGB colour profile as set up by the camera (Canon Eos 7d Mk1). I've emailed the photos to my brother for his webpage and they all open for him on his phone in BW? So I checked the files on my computer (in this instance a Windows 10 PC). The thumbnails of the pictures appear as they should as colour photos. I've checked the properties of the pictures, which say "Colour representation:- Uncalibrated". When the PCs generic image viewer opens them, they flash up very briefly in colour before promptly changing to Grayscale. When I open them in Photoshop CC (19.1.1) the colour mode is set to grayscale and not RGB which is how they were saved? why is this? It's very frustrating as I may probably now have to go through them all again from the RAW and re-save? Any help would be most appreciated.