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    Creating Flex Project for a BlazeDs application

      Hi all,

      I refer to Getting started with BlazeDS document by Christophe Coenraets : http://www.adobe.com/devnet/livecycle/articles/blazeds_gettingstarted.html.
      The problem is that what is described in that document is either not up to date or outright wrong (?)
      Specifically in the first example given : Building a messaging application and in Step 2 it gives the following detailed description:
      1. In Eclipse, select File > New > Project... (OK)
      2. Expand the Flex Builder node, select Flex Project, and click Next. (OK)
      3. Enter "tutorial-chat" as the project name. (OK)
      4. Ensure Use default location is selected. (OK)
      5. Select Web Application as the application type. (?!?)

      I am using Flex Builder v3.0 build 3.0.194164 Plugin on Eclipse SDK v3.3.2 build M20080221-1800 and at this stage it only gives one of two options: a Fx or Air application type. So where is this Web Application radio button I can't see?

      It goes on with:

      6. Select J2EE as the application server type. (OK)
      7. Select Use remote object access service. (OK)
      8. Deselect Create combined Java/Flex project using WTP (?!?)

      At this stage (8) there is nothing like this option - though there is LiveCycle Data Services option (preselected due to J2EE selection above).

      As this is a subject concerning Flex Builder functionality (to my opinion) I post this here, asking kindly for any clarification: what is Christophe Coenraets talking about or what version of Flex Builder he is refering to?