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    My tablet will interact with everything except Ps. Please Help!

    Garreck954 Level 1

      I recently bought an inexpensive graphics tablet and installed the drivers, plugged in the cables and off I went, everything worked perfectly. Then, I restarted my PC and now Photoshop is the only program that won't work on it. I click on the screen and it will automatically deselect the program. The pressure sensitivity on the tablet works on every other drawing program i have, so I think it is just photoshop I am having trouble with. I am running an old version of photoshop which could be the issue, but I just don't know where to start with this problem. I just noticed when I open the file viewer on that screen, the cursor is flickering. I'm trying to draw a comic book and this is the type of thing that really ruins my momentum. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.