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    Toast notification with JS/AIR

    aaron102degrees Level 1
      I'm having an issue creating a toast style notification with JS + AIR on windows. So far, I've created an HTMLLoader element. When I run it immediately, I can position the window, load a file, and display my message. If it is delayed and it is not run immediately, then it just opens the window with no content. Perhaps I'm not even doing this correctly? Please take a look and shoot me in the right direction. Thank much!
      var winoptions = new air.NativeWindowInitOptions();
      winoptions.systemChrome = "none";
      winoptions.type = "lightweight";

      var windowBounds = new air.Rectangle(5,screen.height - 120,300,80);
      newHTMLLoader = air.HTMLLoader.createRootWindow(true, winoptions, true, windowBounds);
      var msg = 'There was an error in: <strong>SOME FILE</strong>';

      newHTMLLoader.load(new air.URLRequest("message.html?message=" + escape(msg)));