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    Chart background elements

    Olga Reva
      Hi all!
      I have a problem with background elements for the chart. I need to create a chart with horizontal lines on its background. Each line must have width = 250 points. (Look at the code below).

      With this code chart shows correctly. But if width and height of 'mainBox' equal 40%, than width of GridLines became 500 points and tick marks on vertical axes are 100, 200, ..., 1000 (not 50, 100, 150, ...., 1000 as we need).
      Please, help!
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          matthew horn Level 3
          The width of the grid lines is based on the values shown on the chart's axis (in this case, using the horizontalChangeCount property). When you shrink or expand the chart, you are changing the number of grid lines that are visible, and therefore changing the width and number of visible grid lines.

          If you need to have the grid lines display in points, then you should draw the elements on the chart rather than use the grid lines.

          matt horn
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